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Light up the Night...

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting can be used as a one of a kind personal backdrop or to create a high impact focal point in any room.

Personalize your event by projecting your monogrammed initials, wedding date, or full names onto the dance floor or wall.


Uplighting is an impressive way to compliment the decor and transform the look of your venue.

Choose a static color or slowly have the colors change throughout the event to keep the feel of the room changing. Uplighting can be matched to your chosen color theme or style.


It’s a very unique effect that can add mood and ambiance to an ordinary room.

Dance Floor Lighting

State of the art intelligent lighting takes dancing to a whole new level! Dance the night away as color washes and array of patterns and shapes are projected on the dance floor. Watch your dance floor come alive as lights synchronize to the beat of the music.