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Uplighting is a fantastic way to bring color, drama and ambiance to your space. Accent walls with color, highlight special areas, or cast a welcoming and festive glow throughout the room.

Uplighting is available in many colors and can be matched to your chosen color theme. It's a great way to compliment the decor and transform the look of your venue. 



Monogram Projection

Monogram lighting can be used as a one of a kind personal backdrop or to create a high impact focal point in any room.


Personalize your event by projecting your monogrammed initials, wedding date, or full names onto the dance floor or wall.


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Dance Floor Lighting

Dance the night away as color washes fill the dance floor. Watch your dance floor come alive as lights synchronize to the beat of the music.


Dance floor lighting will energize any celebration!

Dancing On A Cloud

If you've dreamed of a fairytale 

wedding, this is the perfect way to create your Cinderella-like moment.


Watch as the dance floor transforms into a heavenly cloud during your first dance. Full of impact, this effect always brings the wow!


decor-love-2-04__.jpg copy.jpg

Love Marquee

Say it with L-O-V-E!  Our 4 foot, illuminated L-O-V-E marquee is a

great addition to your sweetheart, 

head table, dessert table, or any where that just needs some L-O-V-E. 


Choose from a variety of colors or have the colors change throughout your event. The L-O-V-E marquee is a perfect accent to any space.


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